Getting started

A quick tutorial to get you up and running with Radix Primitives.

In this quick tutorial, we will install, style, and export a Popover component. This example uses Stitches, but any styling solution is compatible.

Install the component from your command line.

Import and export the parts. Add styles where desired.

Import each of the component parts into your app, then assemble your Popover.

The steps above outline briefly what's involved in using a Radix Primitive in your application.

These components are low-level enough to give you control over how you want to wrap them. You're free to introduce your own high-level API to better suit the needs of your team and product.

In a few simple steps, we've implemented a fully accessible Popover component, without having to worry about many of its complexities.

  • Adheres to WAI-ARIA design pattern.

  • Can be controlled or uncontrolled.

  • Customise side, alignment, offsets, collision handling.

  • Optionally render a pointing arrow.

  • Focus is fully managed and customizable.

  • Dismissing and layering behavior is highly customizable.